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Mike M. [userpic]

The hardest work anyone does in life is to appear normal

November 20th, 2006 (09:37 pm)

current mood: weird

1. Today was one of those days at work where it seemed like it was one thing after another going wrong. Between tons of holiday donations coming in, deliveries, ill-tempered clients, and staff getting stressed out and snapping at each other over nothing, it was nice t finally get out of there. Fortunately I was able to leave early, though not as early as I had hoped. The good thing is, I haven't let any of it stress me out. I've been extremely calm lately in general; I think that has a lot to do with having someone to help you just forget about the rest of the world for a while.

2. I suppose the day didn't start too well to begin with after reading about Reverend William Sanderson and his personal anti-gay crusade in the Southern Baptist Convention. You know, it would seem that with all the truly pressing problems facing society these days--little things like war and poverty, you know--that the Southern Baptist Convention would be able to find something more important to worry about than acting as some kind of Gestapo to "investigate" their own member churches if they're suspected of "coddling practicing gays". Hmm, does that mean that if they're already good at what they do and not practicing, then its all OK? Cause I could give them a list of names...

The ironic thing about this is that if I had to sit down and draw a portrait of what in my mind would be a stereotypical meth-addicted gay pedophile, Reverend Sanderson would be close to what I'd come up with. I guess it didn't help that one of the photos with the story shows him hugging a 13-year old girl. Seriously, what the hell is he hiding taht he's so preoccupied with this? Even if you believe homosexuality is a sin, well, there are lots of sins. Hey, you remember that list of names I referred to earlier? I think I'll start with some of the Right's own high-profile leaders who who ask 15-year old boys if they're horny or perhaps the ones who visit gay prostitutes to feed their meth addictions (among other cravings).

Reverand Sanderson says, "We've got to fight for our children's lives. When they start saying in school that a man and a man is just like a man and a woman, well no, it's not." Oh please. This is probably a guy who goes home every night and sneaks down to the basement when his wife isn't looking to jerk off to lesbian porn. And I'm sure that in typical fundamentalist fashion, they would say that his fat lazy wife is at fault for everything.