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Mike M. [userpic]

What the hell??

December 13th, 2006 (07:50 pm)

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It was reported earlier tonight that Senator Tim Johnson from South Dakota had a possible stroke. Now jajy1979 has just IMed me with the update that the senator's office is now saying he did not have a stroke. That updated article is about five minutes old.

This is of course AFTER all the prime-time network news shows just went off the air after lengthy discussions from various pundits about how Senator Johnson was losing his seat. Interesting "coincidence" that the governor of South Dakota is a Republican who would presumably appoint a Republican to fill the vacant seat, making the Senate 50-50 again with Cheney breaking ties.

Something's fishy here.

And not only that, its a stark reminder of just how precarious the Democratic hold on the Senate might actually be, especially when one considers the ages of senators such as Robert Byrd. The scary part is, if someone were in an unfortunate "accident", how would we even know if there was foul play involved?

On the bright side, we're just one wrongly swallowed pretzel combined with a wee little irregular heartbeat away from one of Washington's most ardent liberals being in the White House. I'm sure that has to make the Christian conservatives sleep well at night.