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Behind The Lines: Life In A Red State

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

Mike M.
31 January 1977
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NOTE: As of January 1, 2009, this journal is inactive and no new entries will be posted here. All new entries are at my new journal, dimensionm. If you have just stumbled on this journal and wish to add me, you'll want to add dimensionm for my new posts.

I first started writing on Livejournal in 2002. I am keeping this journal only as an archive of my old posts from January 2002 until January of 2007. The vast majority of the entries are public.

Entries from April, 2007 through December, 2008 can be found at idealistagain

This journal is many things. An outlet to comment on my life. A way to vent about what frustrates me. Commentary on the current state of the world. A tool to convey my ideas and thoughts and hope for social justice and scientific progress. And oblivion. Much oblivion. I am an activist, a writer, a scientist, and above all, a dreamer. Unfortunately, I make a living at none of these at this point. But they're all a part of who I am.

I am an agnostic. This is not the same thing as an atheist. It simply means that the question of God is not as significant to me as the beauty of Her Creation. I have a distrust of organized religion and of religious fundamentalism. At the same time, though, I am a very spiritual person who realizes that he is nowhere near having all the answers--or even understanding all of the questions.

I seem to spend much of my life lately on politics. But it is not politics that is my passion; it is life. It is trying to speak out for those who have no voice. It is standing up for the ideals of the American constitutional republic. It is a love of the great outdoors and wanting to protect the splendor of nature. It is gazing out at the stars on quiet nights, wondering who might be gazing back and pondering just how insignificant this little blue ball really is.

I am an unapologetic patriot. This does not mean I wrap myself in the flag. It often means that I must stand with those who burn it. Since September 11, 2001, we have forgotten our ideals. We have allowed our flag and our Constitution to be hijacked by a regime that is the antithesis of everything America stands for. Contrary to the propaganda that is so prevalent today, the Left has not betrayed America--America has betrayed itself. You can see a list of the 56 most wanted who have betrayed our country here.

"I have a dream"
To me, America is not a piece of cloth, or even a place. It is a dream, a dream that is yet unfulfilled even after more than 200 years of struggle. It is a dream of freedom, of justice, of a better world where every man, woman, and child can fulfill their dreams and potential...where, in the words of Dr King, we live up to the true meaning of our creed, that all men and women are created equal. That is the essence of humanity--the hope that one day we will become more than we are now.


-- Name: Mike
-- Birthdate: January 31, 1977
-- Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
-- Current Location: Research Triangle, North Carolina
-- Eye Color: Blue
-- Hair Color: Blonde
-- Height: 6'5"
-- Righty or Lefty: Righty
-- Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
-- Your heritage: Irish, Italian, German, Slovenian
-- Your weakness: girls with foreign accents
-- Your perfect pizza: extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, green peppers.
-- Your most overused phrases on AIM: LOL, No worries
-- Your bedtime: Whenever
-- Your most missed memory: Being in love
-- Pepsi or Coke: Mostly Pepsi, but depends on my mood.
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Wendy's :-P.
-- Single or Relationship: Single
-- Adidas or Nike: Neither
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton
-- Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate most of the time.
-- Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee
-- Smoke: HELL NO!
-- Cuss: Mostly not much, but sometimes I can swear like a sailor (especially if frustrated).
-- Have a crush(es): No comment
-- Want to get married: Maybe, who knows.
-- Believe in yourself: Mostly
-- Get motion sickness: Not really
-- Like thunderstorms: Yes
-- Describe your dream wedding: Nothing traditional, probably outdoors, no churches, white dresses, or standard canned vows. Diamonds? Maybe, but not simply because its a tradition. A wedding should be about what is meaningful to those getting married, not what is meaningful to society.
-- How do you want to die: In my sleep, like my grandfather--not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: A scientist and writer.
-- What country(ies) would you most like to visit: Australia, Iceland, the Scandinavian countries, Spain, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Brazil, Cuba, Peru, Japan, China, many others...
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: Less than five.
-- Number of piercing: None
-- Number of tattoos: None
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